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Ultrasonic, shock free, bark control collar

The Motorola Ultrasonic training products are the perfect tool to help train your dog. All dogs bark but if their barking behavior becomes a burden, then Motorola’s ultrasonic, shock free, anti-bark collar can offer the solution you need. The Motorola BARK200U  includes a smart feature which detects the dog’s voice chords and will respond by emitting an ultrasonic high pitched  sound which can be heard by dogs, but is silent to most humans. The dog will associate this this unpleasant tone with its unwanted behavior and unlearn its excessive barking.  Thanks to the intelligent design of the Motorola BARK200U, your dog will be allowed to bark for 5 seconds before it receives a correction allowing it to bark, however avoiding it becomes of excessive nature. The Motorola BARK200U shock-free anti-bark collar is the tool you need to help curb your dog’s barking inside and outside the home and give you the ability to enjoy peacefulness in your household again.


  • Ultrasonic 25kHz/120dB + Vibration
  • IP54 weatherproof standard
  • 3 ultra sonic sound levels (low/med/high)
  • Detection of vocal chords for barking. limiting any false activations
  • Battery Life:  1200h standby-time &
  • 600h operating time.
  • Collar size best fits pets over 7kg.
  • Unique Design: Motorola  bark control systems allow your dog  5 seconds of “free barking time “before activation of any corrective actions. After 2 minutes the barking time is reset.

Content giftbox:

  • Adjustable Nylon Collar : neck size : 25-58 cm. Lenght : 65 cm. Width : 2,5 cm
  • Anti-Bark Unit (Unit is detachable and can be used with other collars)
  • Battery: CR2450 (included in the unit)
  • User Guide
Available colours
  • Black
Size Lenght in cm Width in cm Height in cm Availability
TU 7.00 4.00 3.00 Unavailable

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