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Ultrasonic, shock free, bark control indoor unit

The Motorola Ultrasonic training products are the perfect tool to help train your dog. All dogs bark but if their barking behavior becomes a burden, then Motorola’s ultrasonic anti-bark indoor unit can offer the solution you need – even if you have multiple dogs, no matter their size. When placing the Motorola BARK500U within range of the barking dog, its sensitive microphone will respond to the barking by emitting an ultrasonic high pitched sound which can be heard by dogs, but is silent to most humans. BARK500U includes a magnetic base for easy sound direction adjustment and can also be wall mounted to set it in place where the dog is often displaying excessive barking. The Indoor Bark Control can also be taken out of its base and can be used in the house or on the go as a remote trainer as it includes a manual training button to emit an ultrasonic tone. The manual training button can be used to unlearn excessive barking as well as any other inappropriate behavior. The dog will associate this unpleasant tone with its unwanted behavior and unlearn the excessive barking or unwanted behavior. The Motorola BARK500U shock-free anti-bark indoor unit is a tool to reduce your dog’s barking inside and give you the ability to enjoy peacefulness in your household again.


  • Discourage barking with ultrasonic sound (up to 25kHz / 120dB)
  • Whenever the dog barks, the pet within range will hear a 2-second ultrasonic tone.
  • The dog will learn to associate his barking with the unpleasant high-pitched sound (inaudible to most humans).
  • Auto bark detection and activation of corrective ultrasonic sound
  • 3 levels of ultrasonic sound can be set: 90 DB up to 120 DB
  • Up to 3 meters effective range – Triggered up to 10 meters
  • Manual training button
  • Magnetic wall-mountable base
  • On/Off button
  • Visual indication (LED) when active
  • Battery life up to 3 months (3 x AA batteries excluded)

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  • Anti-Bark Unit
  • Users Guide
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  • White
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